Connected, green, smart

Jotto is harmony of living

Using the capabilities of Jotto and the various functions that can be used, it will be possible to independently manage the temperature, humidity and air quality.

A gesture is worth a thousand words: this is the Home Comfort philosophy behind the development of Jotto, the smartest and most compatible solution with the main Smart Home offers on the market.

Everything is conveniently managed remotely through an application that can be installed on your smartphone. Respecting the environment and saving money.

Comfort under control

From the main screen you can have all the data you need to check the temperature inside and outside the house, the set temperature and the operating mode and the status of the chronothermostat.

made simple

Jotto makes it possible to monitor the air quality of an environment and to activate the appropriate devices to restore and maintain its health.

The right level of humidity,
in every room

Thanks to the sensor, it reads the humidity in the room and via connected Wifi manages a dehumidifier even by time slots.

Breathe cleaner,
healthier air

Jotto allows you to control the temperature of a room in both heating and cooling modes.

Whether it is a home or the workplace, through a simple and intuitive digital interface, devices can also be controlled remotely through a dedicated App that can be downloaded to one's smartphone.

Thanks to the sensor, it reads air quality, and with the paired Wifi relay it can be connected to a VMC or air purifier and run in time slots.

Some of the major sources of indoor pollution are created in our daily lives, without us noticing, for example:

  • Dusts and CO2 that people produce in the process of breathing when we are together at school, in the office or at home;
  • Vapors, fumes, and odors created when cooking;
  • Volatile organic compounds derived from household cleaning or self-care products, such as deodorants, perfumes, cosmetics, etc..

The table describes the level of quality according to Huba research, highlighting the level of IAQ (Air Quality Index) and health effects. Jotto can display parameters such as:

  • IAQ: Index Air Quality according to HUBA standard
  • TVOC: Volatile Organic Compounds
  • ECo2: Carbon dioxide level (calculated)

In everyday life we find ourselves living in environments where, without knowing it, we breathe unhealthy air. Thanks to its sensors, Jotto will be able to:

  • Monitor the quality of the air we breathe, and if necessary, automatically activate the purification or replacement of the air in the daily living;
  • Promote the conditions to always breathe healthy air knowing, thanks to the Jotto+ app, when the air quality is deteriorating during the day

Jotto can be set for time slots, setting the best conditions depending on the time of day.


A specific sensor makes it possible to read the humidity conditions of the air for the activation of the dehumidifier.


The ring allows you to select menu items to achieve the ideal environmental conditions.

Always connected
and smart

Jotto allows its devices to communicate via the bluetooth system and the internet network.

It is compatible with most boilers, pellet stoves, boilers, heat pumps, cooling systems and hybrid systems on the market. It is able to interact with humidity and air quality control systems.

Refined and
customizable design

Jotto is easily set via the ring, which makes it simple and intuitive.

Through its functionalities you will be able to control and manage the parameters of the environments of the home, office, shop or rooms of a hotel, in a capillary and independent way. Each venue can have the desired features, when you want them.

12 – 15 Marzo 2024
Fiera Milano, Rho (MI)

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