Our Jotto+ App

A connected and smart system

Jotto is a device that can be conveniently managed via a dedicated App, easily downloaded on your smartphone.

Jotto+ is compatible with both Android and Apple. The application allows you to conveniently set the desired parameters in the room controlled by Jotto

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Simple and intuitive

The interface reproduces the ring of the Jotto device: it will then be possible to manage the hot/cold production or ventilation systems to control humidity and air quality.

The application is able to control up to eight devices, records all the information related to the environments to which it is connected via a Jotto device. The Jotto+ app stores habits, making it easy to set your preferred conditions.

Monitoring based
on real habits

Jotto+ creates a calendar that summarizes all the parameters set during the week, giving you a precise and practical tool to monitor your habits

Remote control allows you to vary settings from one room to another in the same building, be it a home, an office or a business. The Jotto+ application can also be useful for monitoring the temperature, humidity and air quality in the home of an elderly person, an accommodation facility, a hospital, a school, etc.


With the Jotto+ app you can program the settings of the parameters, customizing the days of the week according to your presence in the room and also make sure to find the desired conditions when you return or even change them in real time according to your contingent needs.

Optimizes the environment

Jotto+ helps you become aware of your habits and monitor the parameters of your home or office.

Always connected

Being always connected, Jotto intelligently and efficiently sets the temperature of your home or workplace.

Significant savings

Enabling these management methods will reduce energy consumption and related heating costs by 30%.

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