The comfort home at your fingertips

One device
for the well-being of your home

Smart and intuitive controls temperature, humidity and air quality, adjustable locally and via App 100% compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

The right climate with a gesture: facilitated management of heat and cold.


Activates dehumidification systems only when needed.

Air quality

It guarantees a serene breathing by living in a healthy environment.

Control temperature

The dedicated sensor detects the temperature and enables automatic activation of the hot/cold control systems.

Handles humidity

Jotto is able to read the humidity conditions of the air, transmitting the ignition command to the dehumidifier.

Monitor air quality

Jotto measures the quality and health of the air, activating systems to remove dust, CO2, fumes, cooking vapours and much more.

Compatible with Alexa
and Google Home

Jotto is compatible with voice assist devices such as Alexa and Google Home.
It also integrates perfectly with heating, air conditioning and air quality systems.

Google Home
for tailor-made comfort

Jotto learns habits, memorizes the settings that best suit the lifestyle for a comfort home built around its needs.

in every aspect

Jotto has a beating heart with different customization possibilities, both from a technical point of view (from liquid crystal displays to full color ones), and from a design point of view. It gives the right style and colour for every living project.

Efficient management even when you are away from home

It's easy to control the comfort of every home, wherever you are, thanks to the Jotto+ App.

Jotto technology allows you to choose the size of your living space. A single device to create the perfect living conditions. Sustainability, healthiness and comfort at your fingertips.
Salvatore Piccinato, CEO

Why choose Jotto?


Jotto has an intuitive and functional interface that can be adjusted both locally and via the dedicated App.

The rotating ring makes it easier to navigate the menus and, by turning it, allows you to set the ideal conditions.

Only the energy that
makes you feel good

Jotto allows you to set the heating, air conditioning and humidification of the house according to the habits and the weather.

With Jotto the sustainable and green idea of a true
intelligent ecosystem is sublimated.

bill costs

Jotto intelligently optimises heating, cooling, air purification and humidity control.

In addition to being green, it will give the opportunity to reduce consumption, saving on expenses for bills.

12 – 15 Marzo 2024
Fiera Milano, Rho (MI)

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